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The processes of urbanization that the country has observed during its recent history, have demanded the development of new capacities in the provision of the different services that cities require for their proper functioning. As these grow in population and urbanized surface, the number of trips increases requiring urban transport systems that provide adequate mobility for the interaction of the new communities that resulted from the process of urban expansion.

Within the legal framework, urban public transport is defined as a public service planned, regulated and controlled by the State. Its provision remains mainly in the hands of private operators within a market economy, and the infrastructure necessary for its operation is provided by the State.


The Aerial Cable of Manizales is a means of public transport of passengers in the city of Manizales, being one of the few aerial means that there is in Colombia, communicating several points of the city. This means of transport has already become an icon of the city in a short time since its inauguration.
Vía Panamericana – Estación Cámbulos – Terminal de Transportes
+57 6 8752200

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+57 6 8752200Vía Panamericana – Estación Cámbulos – Terminal de Transportes